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Texas Semiconductors OPA192IDBVR Integrated Circuits Embedded Microcontroller

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Precision Amplifiers High Voltage Precision Op Amp

Product Technical Specifications

Texas Instruments
Precision Amplifiers
RoHS: Details
1 Channel
10 MHz
20 V/us
120 dB
65 mA
5 pA
5 uV
5.5 nV/sqrt Hz
36 V
8 V
1 mA
- 40 C
+ 125 C
No Shutdown
Cut Tape
Amplifier Type: Low Drift Amplifier
Brand: Texas Instruments
Features: EMI Hardened, High Cload Drive
In - Input Noise Current Density: 1.5 fA/sqrt Hz
Input Type: Rail-to-Rail
Ios - Input Offset Current: 2 pA
Moisture Sensitive: Yes
Operating Supply Voltage: 4.5 V to 36 V
Output Type: Rail-to-Rail
Product: Precision Amplifiers
Product Type: Precision Amplifiers
PSRR - Power Supply Rejection Ratio: 1 uV/V
Settling Time: 1.8 us
Subcategory: Amplifier ICs
THD plus Noise: 0.00008 %
Tradename: e-trim
Voltage Gain dB: 140 dB
Unit Weight: 0.017284 oz